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On the heels of Patient Zero and Pride and Prejudice with Zombies-- the electrifying sequel to Hater where humanity fights itself to the death against a backdrop of ultimate apocalyptic destruction The Earth has been torn into two parts by an irre Christened 'Haters' by the media, the attackers strike without The most important event in human history takes place in the middle of nowhere.

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Perspectives are altered. Perceptions are changed.

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Nothing will ever be the same again. Is this a moment of deliverance for the human race, or the beginning of its end? We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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Book List: 17 titles. The Final War - 1. Haters - 1. Backed into a corner and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of corpses, they all know that their final battle with the dead is about to begin.

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Autumn: Aftermath David Moody. Autumn: The City David Moody. Lords of Autumn Richard W Nave.

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Review quote "David Moody is a master suspense builder. A small group of men and women are holed up in a block of flats, barricaded against the lumbering dead. But their uneasy safety doesn't last, and eventually they're forced out into the open, where, rather coincidentally, they meet up with another band of survivors who seem to have made themselves a much more secure stronghold, until clashing personalities inside the compound threaten to put them all at risk.

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This is a crisply written novel although it's not as visceral as Moody's Hater series, which tackles the zombie theme from a more violent angle with well-defined characters and a palpable sense of creeping terror: these undead might be sluggish and easy to kill, but they also seem to be a lot smarter than anyone realizes. The novel ends on a terrifying, tragic note, promising a suitably horrific finale for the series.

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He grew up in Birmingham, England, on a diet of horror movies and post-apocalyptic fiction. He started his career working at a bank, but then decided to write the kind of fiction he loved. His first novel, Straight to You, had what Moody calls "microscopic sales," and so when he wrote Autumn, he decided to publish it online. Autumn: Disintegration is the penultimate chapter in David Moody's riveting horror series!

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Forty days have passed since the world died. Billions of corpses walk the Earth. Everything is disintegrating.

source url A group of eleven men and women have survived against the odds. On an almost daily basis, they attack the dead with brutal ferocity, tearing through them with utter contempt. Somewhere nearby, out of sight and out of earshot, is another group that has adopted a completely different survival strategy.