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Kempner said that is one option. But he said there are others, such as changing benefit packages.

He said the institute will provide guidance and encouragement for municipalities to develop some kind of strategy for coping with the costs. Kempner said employee retirement costs are expected to consume half of all municipal budgets by the year Click the "listen" icon above to hear Joyce Kryszak's story now or use your podcasting software to download it to your computer or iPod.

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View the discussion thread. Classical By Joyce Kryszak Buffalo, NY — Municipalities are gearing up to comply with stricter new government accounting requirements. Share Tweet Email. Again, these increases would be phased out over a period of four months. Remember, rep B had to make a mental note of what the client wanted in both the first and second visits as well as to update the info at the end of the week.

Now why is this bad? Are you starting to see some of the potential dangers with inaccurate data collection? One of the functions of a sales executive is to help your team in closing deals. How can you do that if the data in your CRM is out of date or incomplete? In conclusion the ability to effectively analyze data comes down to a focusing on the important data, those metrics that directly affect your business results and b ensuring what you are looking at is accurate.

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To make this process even easier for yourself, consider looking at a mobile CRM. See it Live. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly sales tips and strategies straight to your inbox. Functions of a Sales Executive and Getting Your Numbers Right Focusing on the right metrics With so many metrics out there to monitor, field sales managers can find themselves spread woefully thin on the ground, like butter spread over too much toast.

It focuses on keeping things very, very simple. So simple, in fact, that I just want you to focus on analyzing the three following metrics: Sales Activities Sales Objectives Business Results Think of them as three connected blocks of a sales metrics pyramid: Sales activities lead towards completing sales objectives. Sales objectives lead to business results.

Crunching Numbers

Business results to happy sales manager. As your business results are typically revenue, some sales objectives might be: Acquiring new business Increasing market share Improving share of wallet Of course the objectives you select here should directly affect change, or lead to the achievement of your particular business result.

Garbage In, Garbage Out. So what can you do about it? Field rep A has the help of a mobile CRM. Field rep B will be using his notepad pen and paper. Rep A quickly updates the CRM via smartphone with the number of units ordered as well as an additional note alerting the manager to the seasonal release.


Rep B jots down the exact number of units ordered in his notepad and makes a mental note of the seasonal release. The second visit was a little more complicated. Rep A updates all the info immediately into the CRM.

The sales manager and customer service team are notified of the faulty product and the exact measurements for the 5 new units were entered during the conversation with the customer. However, by the time he gets back to his car to rush off for the third visit, he forgets about the 5 additional customized units. The third and final visit was a real doozy. Rep A is able to calmly talk through the store rollouts, specifications and estimated dates with the customer, updating the mobile CRM as he goes along.

Rep B jots down the store rollouts in his notepad, mentioning the custom units needed as well as quick note about the ramp up in units needed. The data could be forgotten about entirely this is obviously bad.

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It could be partly recorded giving you only a partial glimpse into what happened, and what will be required in the future. If he does remember the information correctly, it will be entered into the system late, probably miscuing the outcome of a quarterly forecast. The client may receive the wrong units , at the wrong time or of the wrong sizes.