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Equity traders need knowledge of the latest relevant computer applications and have impeccable communication skills to explain the reasoning behind acquisitions. Equity trader educational requirements : Some equity traders have a degree in finance, business, economics, or a related subject. Event coordinator: They understands what hospitality means. An event coordinator loves to throw a good party. At times they're on the periphery of the festivities or working furiously behind the scenes to ensure all aspects of a wedding or trade show evolve smoothly from beginning to end. They're typically creative people who work within an excellent network of caterers, entertainers, and party suppliers.

An event coordinator understands budgets and can interpret the visions of his clients accurately. He has a great sense of time management and can face unforeseeable changes in weather or circumstances with confidence and backup plans. Event coordinator educational requirements : Some event coordinators have a bachelor's degree in hospitality management. Event marketing specialist: They have a knack for promoting a company's services or products through creating presentations which involve trade shows and other related events.

Event marketing specialists are very attentive to detail and enjoy traveling. Often they're communicating with many individuals at once and have a cell phone in one hand while keeping track of guest registration or booth set ups. They may oversee locating venues and locating speakers, catering, and entertainment. An event marketing specialist tries to show their product in the most pleasing and convincing light.

Once an event has ended, they evaluate its success and build on that knowledge for future endeavors. Event marketing specialist educational requirements : Some of these professionals have a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Is Healthcare for You?

Fashion advertiser: For people who love the drama and beauty of a good runway fashion show, a fashion advertiser job is a dream come true. A fashion advertiser studies the latest clothing design trends. They showcase a brand or clothing line through a variety of media. A fashion advertiser may work in a retail department store building a display or collaborate with a marketing team to design a catalog or magazine ad or billboard. Fashion advertisers understand the audiences who purchase a company's brands of clothing.

They help create advertisements which place an alluring light on their goods. Fashion advertiser educational requirements : Some fashion advertisers have a bachelor's degree in advertising or marketing. Fashion merchandising buyer: Companies pay them to go shopping. Merchandising buyers get to spend their working hours purchasing clothes for department stores. They attend fashion shows and travel to many national and international sites where people sell the latest fashions.

The best fashion merchandising buyers understand trends in clothing. They negotiate price agreements and determine the right quantities to order. This position requires excellent interpersonal skills along with a keen sense of understanding how much the clientele of a particular store is willing to pay to look great. Fashion merchandising buyer educational requirements : Some fashion merchandising buyers have a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or fashion.

Fashion sales representative: They must find ways of convincing buyers a line of shoes or clothing will be the big hit of the upcoming fashion season. A fashion sales representative may organize trunk shoes or travel to various national and international sites to showcase the latest designs produced by her manufacturing company.

Fashion sales representatives need an ability to persuade a buyer to see the trend setting potential in a particular clothing line. They also need an authentic love for fashion. Fashion sales representative educational requirements : Some fashion sales representatives have a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising or marketing. Financial advisor: A financial advisor is somewhat like a doctor, he is able to diagnose and correct the financial problems of a family or business.

Individuals hire financial advisors to remedy bad spending habits or to put themselves on the right track to financial stability. A financial advisor evaluates private goals and establish priorities to create a workable financial plan. Financial advisors may have to deal with a complicated situation due to conflicting ideas arising between spouses or business partners or due to unrealistic goals of the head of a household. Nevertheless, experienced financial advisors use their expertise and good communication skills to listen and work with his clients in a manner which creates trust in him and his recommendations.

Financial advisor educational requirements : Some of these professionals have a bachelor's degree in finance or economics. Financial analyst: They evaluate investment opportunities. If a business or an individual has a large or small bundle to invest, a financial analyst helps find the proper bonds, stocks or other types of investments.

Field Guides to Finding a New Career

Financial analysts study business and economic trends and evaluate a company's financial statements to determine its value. Buy-side analysts create investments strategies for businesses which have a lot of money to invest, whereas sell-side analysts provide advice to financial services sales agents who sell stocks and bonds as well as other investments.

Financial analyst educational requirements : Some financial analysts have a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, statistics, or economics. Financial controller: In a large company, the controller heads up a team and takes on great responsibilities. The controller wields an understanding of a company's financial goals as well as the habits and responsibilities of his accounting department. The financial controller coordinates the filing systems and ensures all records are properly organized. Financial controllers make the final reports to company officials and recommends how the company can minimize risks or strategically increase profits.

They also ensure a company adheres to regulations and laws. Financial controllers need very good communications skills and the ability to manage people and distribute financial information in a clear way. Financial controller educational requirements : Some financial controllers have a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or business or have a MBA or a master's degree in financial accounting. Financial examiner: An ethically oriented person who enjoys deep concentration on rules and regulations, as they apply to finance and loans, might enjoy a financial examiner job.

A financial examiner makes sure a company provides a loan to qualified applicants who can repay the loan. A financial examiner also makes sure a company does not decline a loans due to ethnic or gender-based discrimination.

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Work

At times, financial examiners may travel to review a business and assess its finances before a business receives a loan. Individuals with a keen sense for detail and interpersonal communication skills are well-suited for this line of work.

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Financial examiner educational requirements : An entry-level financial examiner typically needs a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or economics. Financial reporting analyst: Always neutral, balanced, accurate, and direct, financial reporting analysts provide a clear and often unforgiving portrait of a company's financial standing.

Book Field Guide To Finding A New Career In Health Care (Field Guides To Finding A New Career)

They rely on internal and external information and GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to make reports which hinge on figures various company departments produce. A financial reporting analyst relies on complex data produced from company income, expenses, balance sheets, and SEC filings.

Financial reporting analysts should have a good knowledge of financial software and have the ability to relate detailed information in a concise and sensitive way. Financial reporting analyst educational requirements : Some financial reporting analysts have a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance. Often a hiring committee asks for a CPA certificate or license. Financial research analyst: This person typically has a zeal for analyzing stocks and bonds. They review company financial statements as well as other public documents to estimate a company's financial worth.

They also manage funds and portfolios and they estimate risks of investments. They may specialize in a specific industry. Many financial research analysts have a bonus and salary incentive. In addition to understanding economic trends and mergers in their selected field of interest, a financial research analyst needs good communication skills. Financial research analyst educational requirements : This role typically requires a bachelor's degree in finance or a master's degree in finance.

Financial services sales agent: Seeing the big picture and individual goals of his clients, a financial services sales agent constructs the best customized package he can create. Financial services sales agents consider the financial security of their clients. Success in this field involves not only an ability to assess finances but also requires a keen ability to understand how a client envisions retirement or insurance needs. A financial services sales agent should have a solid understanding of federal and state laws and have a solid set of accounting skills.

Financial services sales agent educational requirements : Some of these professionals have a bachelor's degree in business, accounting, finance, economics, or a MBA. Forecast analyst: Will a company's latest product development increase sales? How can a company streamline production in order to sustain the profitability of a new product line? How much inventory will each store need? These are all questions directed towards a forecast analyst. A Forecast analyst understands purchasing trends and knows what people are willing to spend.

Forecast analysts evaluate data and present it to peers in a clear manner. They help forecast how sales and costs will work together. They enjoy using their critical thinking skills to assemble reports and deliver the information with great clarity and conviction. Forecast analyst educational requirements : Some of these professionals have a bachelor's degree in economics or finance or a master's degree in economics. Fraud examiner: Think of Sherlock Holmes when imagining the career of a dedicated fraud examiner.

When it comes to finances, a fraud examiner thrives on investigating irregularities. He determines what activities appear suspect when it comes to financial transactions. For example, his investigations may lead to uncovering discrepancies in bookkeeping.

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  8. However, he may also find himself conducting interviews of people suspected of wrongdoing. Fraud examiners piece together evidence which provides a true picture and report it with certainty. Fraud examiner educational requirements : Some of these professionals have a bachelor's degree in finance or business administration.

    Global trade compliance advisor: They know how to evaluate if importing or exporting traders follow regulations. Global trade compliance officers may help create the regulations or policies which affect import or export activities. Some global trade compliance officer jobs may require multilingual abilities and experience with a number of software programs.

    They need a good understanding of international currencies and cultural practices.