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Funny Boy Takes on the Chit-Chatting Cheese from Chattanooga

But we'll have a live interview with him just as soon as he is coherent. The reporter turned around, a puzzled, frightened look on her face. The camera panned down to the cheese. It was a horrifying sight. The cheese didn't have a normal face. At least it didn't have what we think of as a normal face. It had five eyes arranged like the Olympic rings. The mouth was a big, gaping hole.

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  • The face was floating around on the cheese. There was no nose.

    ASMR Onion Rings/Grill Cheese STorytime Chit Chat Ramble

    Get it? Peace on Earth? Piece of cheese? Fontina, Mr. Mozzarella, and our leader, Mr. Monterey Jack. It is in another galaxy, forty million light-years from Earth. We have come to rescue your planet. We have the ability to clone ourselves and produce unlimited amounts of cheese. We will supply you with all the cheese you need. We are friendly cheeses.

    Open Road Gives New Life to Dan Gutman Series

    Happy cheeses. Reporting live from Appleton, Wisconsin, this is Pamela Lancashire. We take you back to 'The History of Eggplant. It's not a plant. What is it?


    It was late, and I had to get up for school in the morning. Bob Foster flipped off the TV set, a worried expression on his face. It was a beautiful, sun-kissed day, with puffy white clouds hanging in the sky like gigantic cotton candy. But none of that had anything to do with this book, of course. The news that four alien cheeses had landed in Wisconsin was not a big story at first. In fact, there wasn't even an article anywhere in the paper about an alien landing. You see, there's something you need to know about the state of Wisconsin.

    It is the cheese capital of the world.

    Funny Boy Takes on the Chit-Chatting Cheeses from Chattanooga Audiobook | Dan Gutman |

    That's no joke. My foster dad Bob Foster's hobby is cheese, and he knows more about cheese than just about anybody in the world. Bob told me that Wisconsin produces more cheese than any state in America, and more cheese than most entire countries. You've seen those guys at Green Bay Packers football games wearing cheeses on their heads, right? Well, everybody in Wisconsin walks around like that. People reading this book who live in Wisconsin can back me up on this. They produce so much cheese in Wisconsin that they don't know what to do with it all. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    They use it as doorstops and paperweights. They stuff it in their mattresses.