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Pretty easy travelhack but I'm proud of it. Continuously take photos of your bags as you pack, and you'll never wonder if you remembered that 1 thing flip-flops, sunscreen, whatever again. Imagine those photos, but repeated over and over and over for each of about 25 bags and packages loaded up in the back of my Honda CR-V. It also works for business travel, when you sit up in a panic on your flight, trying to remember if you packed your dress shoes -- or if you'll have to go to that meeting when you land in the Nikes you wore on the plane.

I saw my uncle again during our recent vacation. We had a laugh over last year's article.

How Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: What We Wish We Did/Didn't Pack

And, I realized I shouldn't keep this new application of his old idea to myself. This required packing about 15 boxes worth of items and knick-knacks into our attic. I know that when you get right down to this, it's all a matter of documenting your life -- something many of us are doing anyway. You're almost certainly walking around nearly percent of the time with a camera in your pocket that's far more powerful than anything that existed even just a few years ago. Use it. This book is a most important read for you! It's filled with tips, inspiration, stories and lots of excellent reasons to follow your senior citizen heart into the great unknown.

You'll find lots of support and understanding if your "unknown" happens to be just a tad outside the comfort zone typically accept in your circle of retired friends.

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If you have dreamed of travel and due to advanced years, finally have the time and freedom to go, you're almost certain to have some fun between these covers. Maybe you fit the description of a would be vagabond, but believe the cost of extended travel transforms your hot fantasies to see the world into a mere pipe dream. Safari Packing List — Just the Essentials.

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The Art of Packing Light. Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget. Great packing tips! I pride myself on packing as light as possible. May I add a space saving idea? I always drench a cottonball with my perfume and put it in a very little plastic pot. You can get these at Walmart. They come in packages of 3. They are smaller than a ping-pong ball.

I do the same with my face moisturizer. These little pots work for lots of other things too.

contten.tk The list is endless. One more thing. I wear jeans and a T when leaving for my trip and I wear the same jeans and T for my return. No need to pack another outfit for the return trip! I use small pots too and would add the tip of labelling what is in each. Thanks for the useful tips?? Happy to help — I see the challenge my friends face when they travel with kids so well done!

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