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Goats milk is widly available in Australia from the two major supermarkets and a large network of health food shops. My grandmother attested her good health and longevity ,95 to being raised on goats milk. I believe variety is the best diet. Not too much of anything and a lot of vegetables after all it is obvious looking at most people now that as a society that we eat too much. This was a very informative article. Thanks for all the info on goats milk. I will point out that the 27 years of study Dr. Although I had no problem giving up animal protein in the form of meat, eggs and almost all cows milk products…..

I really miss my cheese. I would really be interested in your thoughts.

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I am a colon cancer survivor and I now follow a plant based whole food regime and exercise regularly. So far, so good. I have also had great improvement n lipids as well. Thanks and will look forward to your advice. In one of your fact sheets you state the goat milk protein is superior to cows milk on digestion rate. Can you supply the peer reviewed published study demonstrating that claim?

Thanks Dr. We tried every formula on the market and he was very sick. He was seen by 3 different doctors and they could figure out the issue. His doctor said we could try Goats milk it is hard to find but to try it. I was able to find it at a market hour and half away and within a day he had no more issues. I was able to find a farm near my home that sells it.

It has been a life saver. This farm sells milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. I would recommend goats milk for anyone dealing with an allergy. Most Walmarts sell it now in the dairy section by the quart. My second son was put onto goats milk at around 3 weeks of age and his crying and wind improved. From the goat dairy owners I added Bengers old fashioned digestive enzymes I had a perfect baby then — no more wind a happy fed baby every 4 hours. Now I have a grand daughter — so very windy colic tried on normal formulae just cried — tried soya for 2 weeks — the same so much disagreement of the Dr and the Health Nurse no baby should be given this until 12 months of age — I put her onto Goats milk — she is better — with a vitamin liquid supplement.

I have also given probiotics. Lactose intolerance is definitely not a defect or ailment. It is the normal state for lactating animals. Lactose tolerance is a relatively recent evolutionary step made by different groups and involving a variety of genes across the world following the introduction of animal husbandry thousand of years ago.

Nomadic peoples are universally lactose intolerant since they did not take up animal husbandry. Shes currently on donor breastmilk but its next to impossible to find a dairy free donor.

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Shes 8 months. Hi, A little late I know, but did you ever sort this out? We now have an almost 2 month old baby granddaughter that is constantly crying and not tolerating formula at all. They have switched it 4 times and the only time we had a happy baby that was doing well was when she was on goats milk.

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We did goats milk and the Dr. The reason the Dr.

I have since done research and came upon this site, and we will be going back to goats milk but adding in a vitamin supplement. When mixed properly Alyssa the potassium levels in the formula are perfectly healthy and safe. Joe, Thank you so much. We have some powdered milk but will be getting fresh pasteurized goats milk. How do you mix the recipe with the fresh pasteurized milk. B which are very essential in babies growth.

Am i missing something or do you have any input on that? Your assumption that since cows milk is designed to make a bigger animal, it also makes people obese sounds good on the surface, but is actually provides absolutely no logical or scientific explanation.

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A cup of cows milk has 12 grams of sugar vs 11 grams in goats milk; pretty much the same. As for FAT, a cup of goats milk has 10 grams, vs 8 grams in cows milk. So where does this mysterious force come from that automatically makes you fatter from drinking cows milk? Please do explain in words that an ignorant person like myself can understand! All of the protein found in goat milk is animal protein. Goat milk is best.

My 85 years old mother is having digestion problem, but when she have stated to drink raw milk of goat, all digestion problem removed. One, my sister has dry mouth, sinus, and stomach problems. I also have stomach problems such as, bloating, gassy, and inflammation externally acne related skin rashes as well as internally.

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I was diagnosed with cos allergy and my sister lactose intolerant. So, my question is the above issues immune related from drinking and eating milk since childhood? Any advice or suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience.

https://kessai-payment.com/hukusyuu/geolocalisation/leni-pirater-compte.php Hello, Shalonne. Having said that, please be aware that we are not doctors and do not prescribe drugs or make diagnoses. I hope that is helpful information. Hi my name is Pamela. You might want to read a book called Dr Coca s Pulse Test.

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It tells you how to test with your heartbeat to test ALL or any foods or supplements for allergies or sensitivities. Its very easy- just take a 60 second pulse — then eat a food or vitamin — then take 60 second pulse again — if it goes up 5 pts — you r sensitive — if it goes up 10 pys or more — allergic! Or not good for you at this time! With allergy clearing - liver cleansing you may eventually be able to eat again — but avoid for now. Test even your toothpaste! Also a book called — why stimach acid is good for you.

Sometimes ones are deficient in hydrochloric acid or enzymes. Sometimes even dehydrated!