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Where was the resistance hideout located within the apartment block?

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What did Mandeep cook for Ellie? Apart from money, what did Ellie give Leon in exchange for the brooch? And who then squeezed the brooch?! What did Das Zentrum mean in English? Add the number of friends sent at the start to help Ellie. Then subtract the number of the till Ellie worked on. Is this more or less than the number of chapters in the book? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers! Click here She's determined to go to Charlie's Christmas party - but something strange is happening when his friends start to disappear Click here to download PDF format.

Then follow Ellie and take their induction test What did Clara Harvey kick over during the family argument? What was in the jar dropped by a visitor to the Priory? How much money did Dad give Ellie? What did Ellie and Luke first visit at the fairground? On what date did Ellie arrive in the s? What film was being made on Stage One at Great British? Add together the number of decades travelled by Ellie to reach , and the number of stages at Great British. Multiply by two.

The Sword of the Spirit activities Have you encountered the medieval ghosts in my new novel? Then seek knighthood by playing The Sword of the Spirit trivia quiz What was the name of the town near the castle where the Earl was now living? What year did Sir Francis come from?

How many people were at the planning meeting for the fayre in Chapter Five? Who was the leader of the archaeologists at the castle? Where did Ellie meet Henry and Edward at Stipley? And where might his battle-cry have come from? Tricky one: you have to have read the earlier books in the Spirits series!

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Think about: the books Ellie used to find out about the knights, the journey to Stipley and the purses the pickpocket stole. What connects all of these? Apart from all being in the book!

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Look to the right of the page for the answers! The Spirit of London activities Click here to read Ellie's secret diary after The Spirit of London - but watch out for ghostly activities! Click here to download the answers. The Spirit of London quiz Have you shivered at my new ghost story?

Then try The Spirit of London trivia quiz Where was the third clue hidden in the Great Journeyback Treasure Hunt? Multiply this by three. See the right of the page for the answers! Childish Spirits quiz Have you read my ghost story? Not spooked yet? Then try the Childish Spirits trivia quiz What kind of trees surrounded Inchwood Manor? What room inside the Manor was used for the Site Office? Who was the first person Ellie texted after arriving at Inchwood?

What year was Inchwood Manor given to the Fitzberranger family? What was the title of the magazine taken from the visitors by Edward? What year did Edward help a young evacuee? Apart from the title and introduction, how many words are there in The Magic Number?


In Lost in the Post , what computer game was a prize on the Tombola stall? In Pupil Power , how many Junior classes are there in the school?

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Want to prove your fabulous magic powers? Prove him wrong In The School V. In Spot the Difference , where was Tim going with his family that evening? In Skip It! In My World , what kind of ice cream did Lucy have? Take the number of birthday cakes Molly had. Add the number of impressions Justin did. Then multiply by the total number of people Liam and Justin were buying Christmas presents for not counting Liam himself!

Click here to download a wordsearch based on my stories. My World Click here to create your own imaginary world, like Lucy in the story Snowed In Imagine you've been snowed in, like Liam and Justin in the story.

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What are you going to do? The Good Sport cameo Season 7 Don't Ask Muffy Buster's Amish Mismatch cameo Prunella Sees the Light cameo Season 8 Vomitrocious cameo Season 9 The Law of the Jungle Gym Arthur Makes Waves Beats All cameo Binky Goes Nuts All Thumbs Cameo Crime and Consequences Cameo Season 18 The Case of the Girl with the Long Face cameo The Tardy Tumbler cameo Messy Dress Mess cameo Season 19 b. Wish You Were Here cameo a.

In Dublin's Fair City (Molly Murphy Series #6)

Maria Speaks cameo a. Carl's Concerto cameo b. Too Much of a Good Thing cameo The Last Day Season 20 a. Buster's Second Chance cameo b. Arthur and the Whole Truth cameo Season 21 b. Arthur Takes a Stand a. Slink's Special Talent b. Categories :. Brown s1-s5 Red s6-present. MacDonald family's house , Elwood City. But that feeling is balanced by the mystery, which has some serious tones to it.

Rhys Bowen balances the two perfectly. Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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Nov 11, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-authors , favorite-covers , series , mystery , highly-recommend , new-york-city , crime-thriller. I was especially thrilled when I learned earlier this year that there would be two Molly Murphy books out in , The Edge of Dreams last spring and Away in a Manger this November. I truly cannot get enough of Molly, her family, her friends, and the city of New York City at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Rhys Bowen has gifted readers with a Christmas story bonus that I wasn't able to wait until Christmas to read. Having been lucky enough to receive an ARC, I even got in a bit early before t I was especially thrilled when I learned earlier this year that there would be two Molly Murphy books out in , The Edge of Dreams last spring and Away in a Manger this November. Having been lucky enough to receive an ARC, I even got in a bit early before the November 17th publication date.

This series is such a favorite for so many readers, and fans will be delighted with Away in a Manger. It's Molly at her detecting best, clever and resourceful with a maturing confidence in herself and her abilities. The author's meticulous research is evident in the historical details of New York City coming into a new century, where the newness of motor cars is in high contrast to the struggling problems of the immigrants, especially the untended children of the poor. Molly is preparing for Daniel's mother, the other Mrs.

Sullivan, to visit for the Christmas holidays, and while running errands with her baby son and twelve-year-old Bridie, two young immigrant children catch their attention. Under-dressed and obviously underfed, the two children, whose names are Tig and Emmy, are brother and sister out on the cold streets trying to earn money, as are many children at that time. First Bridie, then Molly are drawn to these children in particular, the very young Emmy with an angelic singing voice and the well-spoken Tig.

They are not the usual children of the street encountered.