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First they disposed of Lesley. In May , as she lay sleeping under a duvet on the sofa, Howell slipped a hosepipe emitting carbon monoxide fumes from his car into her mouth and then, when she awoke struggling, he straddled her body, pressing down hard until all the fight had gone out of her.

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This was the scene I watched Jimmy Nesbitt play out on set. Killers: Lovers Howell and Buchanan used a hosepipe emitting carbon monoxide fumes to kill their spouses. As she suffocated, she hoarsely called for Matthew her young son, who was asleep in a nearby room. Howell then dressed the corpse, stowed it in the boot of his car and dove to the home that Hazel shared with Trevor.

Hazel had fed him tranquillisers in a tuna sandwich just before going to bed. The plan was to use the same hose and poison him with carbon monoxide fumes. But Trevor, like Lesley, woke up as he was attacked. Howell then drove the bodies to Castlerock, a seaside village five miles from Coleraine.

4 homeless men killed in NY, apparently while they slept, police say

Before he did, there was one more despicable act to be accomplished. Some time earlier Lesley, during a period of depression, had written a halfhearted note suggesting she was going to take her own life. She never knew Howell had found it. And now he put it to use, placing it conveniently back in their home for investigating police to find. Trevor Buchanan wrestled with his killer as he died and Lesley Howell was heard calling for her young son as she struggled in the grips of her murdering husband.

When the bodies were discovered, it was predictably declared a double suicide. There were, of course, those who had their suspicions, but few voiced them. And when an inept police investigation concluded the deaths were the result of a suicide pact, the poignant tale seemed at an end. Their affair, although it continued for another six years, would not last, however. Hazel later married another police officer, David Stewart, and Howell went on to marry an American, Kyle, with whom he had five more children.

His confession to police caused a sensation. Hazel stuck to her story that she had been under the spell of the narcissistic, delusional, Howell. His evidence was compelling and at times theatrical. James Nesbitt looked drained and exhausted as he willed himself under the evil skin of killer Howell pictured. I may have been the lead partner in the waltz but Hazel was dancing in co-operation with that dance. She was doing it in perfect harmony, on her own and willingly. Hazel declined to take the witness stand. But she damned herself in her police interrogation tapes, which were played to the packed court.

Howell is serving life. They, along with her husband David Stewart, continue to believe in her innocence and visit her regularly. Researching this case has taken up six years of my life. Watching an actor of the calibre of James Nesbitt, drained and exhausted as he willed himself under the evil skin of Howell, has been extraordinary. It has been a long slog bringing the story to the small screen. He was right, of course, but I found a different sort of hero in Stuart Urban, the award-winning film maker, who came to see me in April to prepare a script.

I was even offered, and readily accepted, a cameo role playing myself, then editor of Press Association Ireland, in the court scenes.

Distressing video shows vagrant beat sleeping homeless man in New York City

Nesbitt lived in the Coleraine area before leaving for London to pursue an acting career, and knew of the story. He even met with former friends of Howell to get the characterisation right. As for Hazel, I believe her to be every bit as evil and cold-hearted as her lover. And her refusal to hold her hands up and admit her guilt just heightens the sense of grief felt by her former in-laws, the Buchanan family.

Good, decent, honourable people, they only ever wanted justice, for the official records to be corrected and to try and achieve some sort of closure to what has been an unimaginable nightmare. The lovers who nearly got away with perfect murders: Couple made evil pact to kill both their partners Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: How did Colin Howell and Hazel Stewart let their secret of murder slip 20 years later?

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Knight is a great author and Christian Rummel does a wonderful job narrating the stories.

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I love it! A solid if not fully explicated, scifi background for a near future world, with believable human characters, tons of action, and realistic adventure in identifiable geographic surroundings. A lot of backstory and lengthy flashbacks dropped this from 5 to 4 stars, although that same skillful explanation sets a great foundation for a series. Looking forward to book 2! I enjoyed this book I was not familiar with the Author; however I thought the story line was interesting. I was not disappointed and I downloaded the next book in the series.

I would recommend this book it bring a new approach to the vampire story line. I was initially skeptical about this book. I usually go in for intelligently written "hard" science fiction and was put off by the "pulp" feel of this one after reading the description. On a whim, I tossed it in the shopping cart and gave it a whirl.

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After about an hour into the book, I realized that I was fully engaged and listening with rapt attention to every detail. It drew me in and took me to a very different world - one that I looked forward to being in oddly enough. The book has a very post-apocalyptic, post-invasion survivalist feel.

1. First Contact

Engaging and enjoyable - the narrator keeps your interest and draws you into the flow of the story. The story brings a feeling of watching separate acts in a play - consecutively occurring tails rather than a continuing storyline - this does nothing to take away from the story. As things progress, these "tails" get longer and more intense.

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This was very entertaining! Not a terribly deep book, but engaging nonetheless. I will definitely listen to the second in the series. What made the experience of listening to Way of the Wolf the most enjoyable? It was a fresh take on the vampire novel. What other book might you compare Way of the Wolf to and why?

Pipe-wielding man kills 4 homeless men in Manhattan's Chinatown, police say

This is a jumble of different genres, vampire, post-apocolypse, and science fiction. So, not much else to directly compare it with at this time. Which scene was your favorite? I like the scenes when the main character learns to use his new found abilities. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Any additional comments? This is a good book. The series is pretty good for about the first 5 books and kind of dwindles away to nothing.

Plus, the author never really gets anywhere with resolving the series. Based on the quality of later books I think he will probably quit writing them before he reaches a conclusion.