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When finally one victim finds the courage to speak out and go to the police, the rapist escalates to murder. For Captain Carmine Delmonico, it seems to be a case with no clues. And it comes as the Holloman Police Department is troubled: a lieutenant is out of his depth, a sergeant is out of control, and into this mix comes the beautiful, ruthlessly ambitious new trainee, Helen MacIntosh, daughter of the influential president of Chubb University.

As the killer makes his plans, Carmine and his team must use every resource at their disposal--including a highly motivated neighborhood watch, the Gentlemen Walkers. Passar bra ihop. Caesar Colleen McCullough. Bloggat om Naked Cruelty. Not the kind of man you could lie to, and not a sympathetic type either.

Carmine liked the new captain, and hoped he had sufficient flexibility to sort the sheep from the wolves fairly painlessly. There were going to be drastic changes, and immediately, Captain Vasquez announced. In future, breaks shorter than meal breaks would be taken in whatever area a uniform inhabited, and meal breaks would be taken in the general staff canteen, or off the premises.

There would be no more unofficial tenured-for-life positions. The new practice would be ruthless rotation of all duties; even the most senior cops would serve on the desk, in records, the cages, the cells, patrol, traffic, the myriad jobs uniforms did. Some of the changes were shrewdly aimed at more junior men, suddenly given work they had despaired of ever getting. It was a kind of balancing act: for each old leader knocked down a peg, there was a young leader thrust up a peg.

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For, having got the job, the new captain had sent for copies of the personnel files, and had every one of his two-hundred-plus men firmly in his mind on the day he started. Yes, he said cheerfully, there would be mistakes. It will be with the younger men moving upward. Only the job can reveal whether my guess was right.

What were his problems, compared to those of a man with such a huge group of men under his command? Carmine blinked. Spit it out. It worked with Abe, but not with Corey. I chewed him out about it, but he never bothered to augment the report. How long did he work for you?

No one can keep a secret. Within six months Netty Marciano will have you squared away too, Fernando.

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Your loots basically do the same work as your team members, Carmine. Your division sounds as if whoever structured it thought paperwork a terrible bogey. His belief was that each team of three men should be led by a lieutenant, with himself as the most senior. Carmine was made the first captain in , more as a thank you than any change in structure. I need an executive, Carmine, so as not to fritter away my own time on—paperwork. Hence the rotation of men like Joey Tasco and Mike Cerutti. Not of me, I contend. The principal of Taft High found a cache of firearms in the gym.

Both Taft and Travis, the two high schools, have disciples of Mohammed el Nesr and his Black Brigade among the pupils, but Mohammed is vigorously denying any BB connection.

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What was in the cache? A lot of people could have died. Why did Nick have to conceive such a hot dislike of Helen? It was a pre-Revolutionary saltbox with a pillared porch set in an acre of beautifully gardened grounds; a look around the back revealed a breezeway connecting the main structure to what, in the old days, would have been a kitchen annex. Now it was probably a guesthouse; someone whose family resided in West Germany would need adequate guest accommodation.

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The guy definitely had money, Carmine decided, between the address and the wages he must pay his gardener. He was a widower and was listed as a retired freelance statistician who still took an occasional commission. Mason Novak, the inorganic chemist whom Mark Sugarman had called the spirit of the Gentleman Walkers, lived in a neat little cottage on Curzon Close just around the corner from Spruce Street.

No Walker seemed impoverished, and hardly any were married or lived with a woman. Probably because wives were not likely to want their husbands off patrolling for the benefit of other women when they had a woman at home. Privately Carmine thought that the reason for unattached men in Carew lay in its hordes of young women. Carew was rich pickings for one kind of man in particular: a gentleman. And what else were the Gentleman Walkers?

Arnold Hedberg, a professor of history at East Holloman State College, lived his on-the-verge-of-forty existence in the bottom third of a three-family house on Oak Lane that he owned outright, no mortgages.

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Mike Donahue, a plumber with a thriving business, was young enough at thirty-one to live in a block of apartments he too owned, though he had a mortgage. He had plenty of women tenants under his own roof, but none had been targeted by the Dodo. Gregory Pendleton was a forty-five-year-old assistant district attorney; he occupied the top floor of a six-storey apartment block on State Street that he owned outright. Bill Mitski was another who lived in a private house he owned; he had an accounting business that specialized in taxation.

And more, and more. Few Gentleman Walkers were genuine bachelors. Most seemed to be men who had suffered so badly in the divorce court that they were once bitten, twice shy. If his divorce was through, a man was legally single. The president of Chubb just after the Second World War, Blackburn had sequestered twenty-nine acres of Chubb land on Cedar to the east of the Green, and given it to the Chubb School of Architecture to turn into a science campus.


Delia and Helen sat on the podium flanking Mark Sugarman on one side, with Carmine and Nick on his other side. The Walkers stared hard at them, but hardest at Helen, whom most of them seemed to know. Mark Sugarman began. Kurt von Fahlendorf was a looker in any language. Six feet tall, a good physique, and the kind of Nordic good looks a fan of Teutonic myth might associate with Siegfried.

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His crew-cut hair was so fair that it glittered as if made of frost—no fan of the fashionable Beatles-length hair here! To Carmine he seemed cold in a scientific way; the eyes were extremely intelligent, but not involved as were the eyes of Mason Novak next to him. The heart and soul of the Gentleman Walkers?

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  6. Yes, he looked all of that. The way he and Kurt sat said that they were very good friends who trusted each other, which said a lot about both men. Probably not the Dodo. He had imagined that he would be obliged to demand identification, which would have put the meeting on a different, more antagonistic footing. Sugarman was a good guy. Feinman was a youthful sixty-eight, fit and appealing; he probably had no trouble pulling women. As Dave says, always the same three men in a trio. So on any one night, we saturate the district. And as long as you enjoy the exercise, keep on going.

    Your activities may not affect the Dodo, but they do make Carew safer nonetheless.