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Different results might have been observed if other outcomes of interest such as quality of life had been included. If you have cancer and are interested in herbs, acupuncture, or other alternative treatments, talk to your doctor. Think twice before declining conventional treatments. But if you do decline recommended treatment, make sure you understand the pros and cons of doing so, including the possibility of shorter survival.

10 Natural Cancer Treatments to Consider - Dr. Axe

The article raises points and much of the latest science in adding other disciplines to enhance outcomes is often found in complementary or alternative medicine and only now being adopted by conventional to some degree as the science is being done. For example vit c has been shown to decrease the side-affects of chemo and exercise is important to chemo therapy and actually makes chemo more effective, diet or nutrition science must play a role in recovery, stress or anxiety increases cortisol which in turn suppresses immune function.

These things are already adopted by complementary medicine but only now being looked at by conventional. The ability to afford to do the science is a challenge for complementary but i do not see it as necessary as for conventional to do it for the following reason.

Conventional are yet to exist and so must undergo science testing so as to become publicly available. Science testing is a prerequisite for new drugs otherwise they can not become publicly available.

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In the absence of the need to do science to become publicly available complementary can only be realistically compared statistically with conventional in treating a diagnosed condition. Food for thought. Does anyone have any clarification for me on this topic for metastasized colon cancer? Thank you. I do not know the answer but since you are looking on-line I would look for an MD who has experience with both sides complementary and conventional and has an evidence based approach and is up to date. There are many health websites but one particular one stands out to me is a website called hope4cancer and I understand that they are very much into evidence based science and will use both complementary and conventional.

10 Natural Cancer Treatments Revealed

They may know more to help you. The founder of macrobiotic was Michio Kushi. In Boston where we lived was the East West Centre and they had doctors who had trained with Kushi to deliver nutrition advice. When my father was diagnosed with advanced stage multiple myeloma the first thing he did was connect with an excellent oncologist at Mass General.

Different sorts of alternative treatment

Then my mother convinced him to speak with someone at the Kushi Institute. Johnson, offering several examples. We need to keep providing real hope for our patients using proven treatments and strive for truly better ways to cure through scientific research.

Today, Dr. The couple has three young children and hope for the future. However, in his work as an oncologist, he wrestles with being unable to dissuade young patients of his who have opted to refuse one or more medically proven cancer treatments, only to lose their battles with cancer within a couple of months. I know because it happened to my wife, who is here today because of chemotherapy. For more information about Yale Cancer Center , click here. Johnson with his wife, Laurie, and their three children. Credit: Robert A. Related Doctors. Call for an appointment.

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Internal Medicine. Therapeutic Radiology. Melanoma: Who's at Risk? Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

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While sun worshipping is a risk factor for the disease, it's not the only consideration. Watch and learn more. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting men. This video explains what every man needs to know about detecting prostate cancer.

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