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I was thrilled to hear your description of advent and have always wished that the greater Christian church out there could come to love the feasts and seasons that the Catholics have kept all these years. They are such a treasure. God bless you! Thank you for bringing more of the True, Good and Beautiful into the world.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Anna Hawkins - Filmed in Israel (Hebrew & English)

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Thank you, so much! That was really beautiful, and we look forward to your new CD.

The English Hymnal/O come, O come, Emmanuel

Miss you, Steve. Fixed it!! Great piece Steve- Can hardly wait until the CD is in my hands! Pingback: When song reverberates past the notes Violet Nesdoly.

Oh come! Oh come, Emmanuel! O You, come, celestial light of dawn! Illuminate us with your truth, Dispel all darkness, And give us days of solace.

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O come, You, David's Key. Open the happy heavenly home. Oh : This interjection usually expresses amazement or happiness, so it isn't always the equivalent of "oh.


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Ven : The Spanish verb venir , usually meaning "to come" is highly irregular. Ven is the singular, familiar imperative form, so in Spanish this song unambiguously is written as if speaking to Emanuel.

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  6. Emanuel : The Spanish word here is a personal name transliterated from Hebrew, meaning "God is with us. In Christianity, the name usually refers to Jesus.

    Traditional Christmas - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Arranged by Kenneth Bell)

    Al : Al is a contraction of a to and el the. Desterrado : The adjective desterrado is derived from the noun tierra , meaning Earth. In this context, it means "exiled," referring to someone removed from his or her homeland.

    In informal contexts, it can mean "banished. Danos : It is common to attach object pronouns to verbs in the imperative mood.

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel

    Here the pronoun nos , or "us," is attached to imperative of dar. The reference here is to Isaiah in the Christian Old Testament that there "shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse. In the common English version of this hymn, the line is "Come O rod of Jesse's stem.