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Sometimes this is simply one of cost firing ten billion mirrors into space to deflect sunlight would probably bankrupt any nation that chose to do it. Sometimes there are unintended consequences tidal barrages muck about with river ecosystems. Often there are political issues Saharan solar farms sound like a great idea until you realise that the world's largest desert is home to some seriously dodgy and unstable regimes.

Best of all, it would cost peanuts, kill no birds and not rely on any new magical and untested technology. His idea? Paint the world white. Not literally the whole world of course, but Professor Chu reasoned that by changing the average colour of the urban environment from its current dark grey to a lighter hue would do several things at once — all good.

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White buildings reflect more sunlight into the sky than dark ones, that is, they have a higher albedo. And because cities would be cooler we would need to use less energy on air-conditioning, in turn reducing carbon emissions. This is hardly a new idea of course; go to any Greek island and you can see that people came up with the idea of whitewashing their houses to keep them cool centuries or millennia ago.

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Other researchers have extended the idea. Professor Steven Chu: The U. Energy Secretary believes climate change could be lessened if we construct more white buildings. But things may not be so simple. So who is right? Hard to say.

Importantly, it is hard to imagine any catastrophic downsides. Contrast is key for really letting the line work show through. Think light and dark, cool and warm, and complementary colors.

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Gouache is typically smooth in texture, but if you're going for a rougher look, scumbling can be a great technique. Use a large, flat, dry brush — no water! When you pull the brush over the surface, you'll notice some gaps in the stroke, which lets the background color through and creates a different texture.

Because gouache is a fairly wet paint, you need a sturdy surface that won't buckle and ripple when it gets wet.

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Choose a canvas board or stretched canvas rather than painting paper. And it's always a good idea to prime your surface before you get painting. Obviously keeping brushes clean is key, and cleaning gouache is easy!

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Simply rinse brushes, palettes and other materials with water. Inbox Inspiration! Get weekly updates, articles, and inspiration. By creating an account, I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

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Start a free trial for unlimited access to every project, pattern, recipe and tutorial on Bluprint. Are you sure to want to remove this? Startup Library: Painting With Watercolors. Kateri Ewing. Hold it right there: Before you start adding fancy details and textures to your work, you need to know a few of the most basic watercolor painting techniques. Use these to get started, then build on them however you like.

Jessie Oleson Moore. You've got your acrylic paint, your work surface is ready to go, and you're really inspired to paint. Now comes the fun part: actually putting paint on paper!

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