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Hollywood progressives such as Oliver Stone and Sean Penn champion the government for its anti-poverty programs, while conservative pundits thunder that a "dictator" left Venezuela in shambles. Latin America is wild about Chavismo Many on the left believe that Chavismo, the leftist movement launched by the… Read more …. Venezuela is close to breaking point. As the government and opposition struggle for the upper hand in bitterly polarized Venezuela, GlobalPost runs down the key players in the fight.

Nicolas Maduro Before his death in March, El Comandante Hugo Chavez personally anointed Nicolas Maduro as his political heir, a decision the nation then ratified in April when the year-old former bus driver and… Read more …. If smuggling cocaine onto an airplane sounds dicey, then imagine navigating 2, miles on the open sea in a homemade submarine with half a ton of the white stuff and no oxygen tanks.

This foot fiberglass sub can dive just 15 feet and stay under for a maximum of 15 minutes — barely long enough for passing coastguard patrols to disappear. It has no toilet, kitchen or, for that matter, legroom. Even four months after Ecuadorean police captured it at a clandestine dock deep in a mangrove forest, the smell of diesel fumes… Read more …. Anti-government protests this week have convulsed the country and descended into violent clashes with government sympathizers.

On Wednesday, at least three people were killed by gunfire, two of them opposition students and one a pro-government demonstrator. But his political heir, President Nicolas Maduro, lacks… Read more …. We should not underestimate ourselves. Critics say the character, played by comedian Jorge Benavides, in blackface, and made up with grotesquely flaring nostrils and thick lips, relies on crude stereotypes.

Not the least of those is that the character — which despite… Read more …. In Chile, moderate socialist former President Michelle Bachelet — whose admirers include Hillary Clinton — is widely expected to crush her conservative… Read more …. Here, just off Caye Caulker, a tiny, bucolic Caribbean isle that is a magnet for snorkelers and scuba divers, the ravages of climate change are clear to see. Hurricanes have long been normal in this part of the world, and the spectacular reefs have adapted naturally to withstand the battering of storm waves.

But not like this. Warming seas in recent decades have fuelled more frequent, stronger cyclones devastating the corals on an… Read more …. Are you paying a fair price for your latte every morning?

The Anthropology of Sustainability

The destruction of a global biodiversity hotspot deep in the Peruvian Amazon by illegal gold mining is twice as bad as previously thought, an authoritative new study using ground-breaking technology has revealed. The crisis saw international gold prices rocket as investors rushed to put their… Read more …. Campaigners say… Read more …. VRAE, Peru — A sea of coca leaves — the key ingredient in cocaine and crack — lies drying in the blazing sun as farmer Teodoro Alzamora complains bitterly about the grinding poverty trapping his village. When we grow cassava or bananas no one… Read more ….

From traffic cops demanding bribes to flagrantly crooked politicians, Peruvians long ago wearied of the graft that appears to have infected almost all aspects of public life here. Alejandro Toledo, president from to , and Alan Garcia, re-elected from to , are both now accused of getting rich illegally. Alberto Fujimori, president… Read more …. It has also defied widespread predictions by avoiding slapping… Read more ….

As anti-mining activist Cleofe Neyra talks about the repeated death threats from anonymous callers to her cellphone, it is hard to imagine she may actually be one of the lucky ones. You think the worst. You think about your family, your husband and your kids. You have to stay strong but it is very difficult to avoid letting… Read more …. Compared to the dire fate of lions and tigers, jaguar numbers remain relatively healthy. This ,acre expanse of tropical forest — reminiscent of a scene from Jurassic Park — offers the solitary cats their perfect environment of virgin jungles and rivers in which to… Read more ….

The roundhouse kicks reverberate around the gym like artillery shells exploding down the block. For 30 minutes, the fighter glides across the ring, flicking out rat-a-tat-tat combinations of seamless jabs, straight rights and those brutal kicks, crashing his lower shins into the pads held head-high by his trainer.

Just a couple miles away, locals and tourists are sunning themselves at Copacabana beach. Brazil might be the nation of samba, string… Read more …. Uruguay has taken a momentous step towards becoming the first country in the world to create a legal, national market for cannabis after the lower chamber of its Congress voted in favour of the groundbreaking plan.

The Bill would allow consumers to either grow up to six plants at home or buy up to 40g per month of the soft drug — produced by the government — from licensed chemists for recreational or medical use. Previously, although possession of small amounts for personal consumption was not criminalised in the small South American nation,… Read more ….

That is justified, President Dilma Rousseff claims, because they help fight climate change. Yet, according to independent scientists, that claim does… Read more …. Vaguely written and granting the government… Read more …. The measure has been almost universally attacked as discriminating against the poor, particularly from the Amazon and Andes, where entire families earn less than that sum in a year, while allowing rich kids to legally dodge the draft. The distance between us grows slowly but surely in the gray light of dawn as we head up the steep snowfield 18, feet above sea level.

But his metronomic rhythm toward the 19, foot summit of Mount Chachani is relentless. Locals have another name for it: The Mountain that Eats Men. In its 17th century heyday, armies of indigenous and African slaves died here as the ore they mined helped keep the ailing Spanish empire afloat. Four centuries later, thousands of men like… Read more ….

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The low roar thundering through the undergrowth grew closer. Much closer. It was first light, just after 5am, on our first hike of the day out from the Tambopata Research Center TRC , a lodge deep in the Peruvian Amazon, near the Bolivian border. Suddenly, Yuri, my guide, stopped and pointed into the dense canopy at the source of the intimidating rumble. But instead of some magnificent specimen of the Amazon's apex predator, the jaguar, Yuri was waving at a small, brownish lump of fur.

Gazing nonchalantly down at… Read more …. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds injured in the attack, when a van loaded with pounds of fertilizer detonated in front of the Argentine-Israelite Mutual Society AMIA by its Spanish initials. Prosecutors long ago blamed Iran.

Yet Tehran denies any involvement and refuses to allow investigators to… Read more …. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has jumped alarmingly, according to a new satellite study. If confirmed, the survey, by independent Brazilian think tank Imazon, would be a sign that several years of record lows in jungle loss in the South American giant have come to a juddering halt. It found that 82 square kilometers The study also revealed that December was the fifth consecutive month that deforestation had risen. From… Read more ….

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Some of the fine wooden furniture that makes for chic centerpieces in American homes is being sourced in far less elegant ways in this South American country. Environmentalists have long sounded alarms about illegal logging, claiming that export companies profit from ransacking the jungle of rare hardwood species in poor countries with lax law enforcement.

swat seize the accomplishment race through the forest a project management fable Manual

Now, the US government is taking a tougher stance. Washington has given Peru one more chance to clean up its forestry sector and stop exporting illegally logged timber to the United States. The move is a response to… Read more …. As Hugo Chavez struggles to recover from his fourth cancer operation in 18 months, Venezuelans are digesting the fact that he may be too ill to be sworn in next Thursday for his fourth successive presidential term.

Mr Chavez, 58, has been suffering from complications including a severe respiratory infection and has not been seen in public since shortly before his surgery on 11 December. The moderate leftist former human rights campaigner had no experience of running a major organization. Even supporters worried she was unprepared to take charge of this troubled city of 9 million.

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad might want to think twice before fleeing to Latin America with his family. He is reported to have sent his deputy foreign minister, Faisal al-Miqdad, on a trip to Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela to sound out their respective leaders about the possibility of asylum. All three countries have left-wing governments that are, to varying degrees and in different ways, antagonistic toward the US.

The most likely destination for the Syrian despot would appear to be Venezuela. That… Read more …. The telegenic year-old former state governor has vowed not to enter unwritten deals with the cartels… Read more …. But along with long-established conditions such as malnutrition and anemia, a new threat is rapidly emerging: obesity. Although there is a dearth of reliable data, most experts agree that Latin Americans are, on average, rapidly packing on the pounds. At an annual… Read more …. Two decades ago, security forces captured the Shining Path's messianic leader, precipitating the group's rapid military decline.

Now, supporters of the Maoist insurgent group that once bathed Peru in blood are attempting a comeback. Peace talks between the Colombian government and Marxist rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc, are due to resume in the Cuban capital, Havana. But it is the thorny issue of land ownership that could make or break the negotiations aimed at ending Latin America's longest-running insurgency.

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Uruguay is set to become the third nation in Latin America to allow abortion on demand. The lower chamber voted by the narrowest margin, , in favor of the bill following a heated debate last month. President Jose Mujica, a former left-wing rebel, has already said he will sign it into law once congress sends it to him. The move marks a watershed in deeply Catholic Latin America. In… Read more …. Even by his own strident standards, the president's recent warning to Venezuela's moneyed classes to vote for him or face "civil war" was inflammatory.

The goose-stepping soldiers have long returned to their barracks and many of the generals who commanded them have died or been sentenced for crimes against humanity. Yet, some three decades after the fall of the military dictatorships that once terrorized Latin America, democracy in the region is once again under attack. This time, the strongmen are populist elected leaders, who — under a veneer of constitutionality — concentrate power in their own hands, marginalize opponents and use public resources to stack electoral races in their favor.

The main proponents today, rights groups and… Read more …. Against expectations, the sweet chunks of banana perfectly complemented the raw fish marinated in lime juice, onions, coriander and Peruvian yellow chillies. I was tasting a new sort of ceviche, the seafood salad served across Latin America, in Amaz, a new Amazonian restaurant opened by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Lima's leading chefs.

To a European palate, fruit with uncooked fish might seem outrageous but in Peru, it is logical.