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And to further complicate things, little Vanessa Pike has a crush on the cashier at Ice-Cream Palace--only he has a crush on Mallory! Will a summer romance come between Mary Anne and Logan? Will an older boy break Vanessa's heart? Only one thing's for certain: There are too many boys in Sea City!

Funny how a year apart from someone can either really deepen your feelings for that person or really cool them down. I feel like dating in fiction is different than it is in real life. I could be very wrong about that but that has been my experience. Regardless, it was actually really nice to see Mary Anne work through her own feelings on the subject and make a decision that best suited her and her situation. Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook by Ann M. But when she and Charlotte Johanssen hear terrible noises coming out of the old Hennessey place, Stacey thinks the BSC definitely has a mystery on its hands.

Mallory claims the house once made her have a horrible nightmare. And Kristy discovers that it was built on top of a graveyard! Does Stoneybrook have a real, live haunted house? The Baby-sitters are going to find out--no matter how scary it might be! Sure by the end of it everything is explained and all have a good chuckle about it but I really enjoy it while its happening.

I could have seen this being more of a Claudia or Dawn storyline.

The Baby-Sitters Club #32: Kristy and the Secret of Susan

The fact that it was Stacey just made it all the more fun! Baby-sitters' Island Adventure by Ann M. They've invited Dawn's brother and three other kids to join them on a sailing race out to Greenpoint Island. The girls have even packed a picnic lunch for the adventure. But then a big storm blows up in the middle of the race.

Kristy and the Secret of Susan

And Claudia and Dawn and the kids never return from the island. The Baby-sitters can't believe it's true--two of their members are missing! I just could not bring myself to care much about it. I think this is part of the trap of being an adult, reading books from my childhood, and trying to love them the same way. Is this a thing on the coastal states? Either way, it was still a pretty decent read once I got through it.

Baby-Sitters Club #21: Mallory and the Trouble with Twins - Book Review

Not my favorite; not the worst. It was very middle of the road for me. Enter your URL in the website field, then click here to leave a link to your posts below your comment! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. After explaining all this, she asks Kristy if she still wants the job, and Kristy says "of course! She did not have to be an outcast. Kristy, let me lay this out for you: you are not Susan's mother. You aren't even an authorized caregiver. You have no idea what autism entails or what it means for Susan or her parents, or what private struggles the Felders have gone through in their decision to send her away.

This makes me especially angry, because my aunt and uncle- the ones who have an autistic son who's about at the same place on the spectrum as Susan- have struggled with whether or not to enroll him in a special school, given that he needs specialized care and they won't always be there to provide for him. And you know what else specialized schools cost?

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Does it not occur to her that the Felders would like to not spend several grand on a boarding school and keep their daughter closer to home? Hey, Kristy! Felder explains to Kristy that Susan won't be distressed when her mother leaves, because she has no connection to her. I refrain from throwing the book out a window because it's an e-book and I don't want to wreck my new computer on Kristy's account. She leads Susan out into the backyard, where she starts to run back and forth, and spies on the new neighbours, the Hobarts, over the fence. Some neighbourhood kids are teasing them because of their accents and because they ask for "fairy floss.

Seriously, is this accurate at all? That movie came out in ; most of these kids would have been toddlers when it hit theatres. Right then, Kristy decides that she's not only going to convince the Felders that Susan shouldn't be sent away, she's going to rescue the Hobart kids from bullying! Because someone as sensitive and caring as Kristy is clearly the kind of person I want involving themselves in my kid's lives.

Chapter five! Is a babysitting chapter and starts with Mal squeeing in the club notebook about how she's "in. I don't know if it's a typo in the e-book, but I like to imagine that Mal's brain is so fogged with lust that she forgot how to use the English language. She and Jessi were sitting for the Pikes, who are all bored "even though it's a nice day out.

The Baby-Sitters Club – Allison's Written Words

Can't someone compare them to kangaroos or something, just to shake things up a bit? Nicky snickers that their classmates call the Hobart kids the Crocs ouch and Mal reminds him of whan they used to be called "Spiders" because there are eight of them. I know kids will pick on each other for all kinds of stupid shit, but do the children of Stoneybrook SERIOUSLY have nothing better to do than make fun of their classmates because their parents can't use birth control?

Jessi also points out that she got called names- "nothing as cute as Spider-" and the now thoroughly chastized Pikes decide to go over to the Hobarts' to prove that not all the people in Stoneybrook are mean. Yes, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to receive a pity visit. Anyway, as soon as they arrive on the Hobarts' doorstep, Mal forgets about her sitting charges and starts drooling on Ben Hobart's head.

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They wander over to sit on the porch and Jessi notes that "if they sat any closer, Mal would be in Ben's lap. I really don't think Mrs. Pike needs a "surprise late-in-life pregnancy" if you catch my drift.

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  4. Kristy and the Secret of Susan (Baby-Sitters Club, book 32) by Ann M Martin.
  5. Jessi privately congratulates herself on getting the kids to play together- even though they did it all on their own, so I don't see what she had to do with it- just as the local hooligans ride up on their bikes and call the Hobart kids Crocs and laugh at them for calling breakfast "brecky" and eating Weetabix. Ben swaggers over to tell the "rev heads" to get lost, and Mal about wets herself right there.

    Great babysitting technique, Mal. I'm sure Ben was really impressed by how you sat there and ignored your charges getting picked on. Chapter six! Prezzioso calls and everyone whines about what a "spoiled brat" Jenny is for the umpteenth time. What the fuck ever. It's not like Jenny is one of the kids driving by the Hobarts' place; all she's ever done is wanted to keep clean. The horror. After the job is foisted off on Mary Anne, the other girls want to know how Kristy's job with Susan is going.

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    Kristy explains about how Susan's IQ can't be tested so everyone assumes it's low what? She also admits to tricking Susan by asking her about a leap year, and that's exactly the kind of person I'd want caring for my child- someone who intentionally tries to upset and confuse her for their own entertainment.

    Get bent, Kristy. Jessi, being the BSC's official prejudice spokerperson, muses that the Hobarts and Susan are both "outcasts" because they're different. Yeah, being from a different country is exactly like having autism. Shut up, Jessi. I know Kristy isn't an autism expert, but think about it: Susan doesn't talk or communicate, even with her own parents.