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By the time period that , its possession became a matter of dispute until when the war concluded and by it had finally become designated as being in Michigan territory See link. By the late s, the continual expansion of European settlements on the North American continent brought an endless encroachment of European immigrants upon the ancestral Anishinaabe homeland of Les Folles Avoines ancestral Menominee, Omaeqnominiwuk.

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At the same time Les Folles Avoines were being encroached upon by the Haudenosaune Iroquois who were moving westward for better hunting grounds because of the westward movement by European immigrants and because of what had become a continually major depletion of the amount of the wild game in what is now the State of New York.

Yet, however, the term was used to a certain degree even since when the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed.

Several decades before the War of most of the colonialists of Concord, Massachusetts where Paul Revere has been documented and well-storied to have ridden through on a horse, considered themselves to be the loyal British subjects of King George III of what was then called: The Kingdom of Great Britain before the year of Anishinaabe: also called Anishinini and Apishinani in some of the various locations of the Algonquin people just before The eastern Algonquin tribes of the Wampanowog, what is now located in the eastern United States, were also fellow blood relatives within the Anishinaabe confederation.

It was almost three hundred years later during the beginning of the s when the separate native tribes of Indians of the North American continent were merely coming into existence. The terms for each tribe of the Algonquin and the Iroquois as we now know them today happened from the interaction between native and European nations.

Surrounding the year of , the Mamaceqtawuk were still yet Developing into distinct entities called Indian tribes. Previous to the era of the s, our native ancestors were not yet referred to by the modern American term "Menominee" which came into vogue from around to after the Menominee Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed with the United States. The Anishinaabe ancestors that harvested wild rice freely used the term "Omaeqnominiwuk" to regional natives who subsisted on wild rice as one of the staples of the diets of the various Algonquin peoples in the region of the Great Lakes.

Our Anishinaabe ancestors and relatives identified individuals according to their personal name, according to what clan they belonged to and from where their clan had originated. American Bureau of Ethnology records shed some light upon the fact that in the late s in what had become known as North America, early French explorers first arrived to the region east of the St.

Lawrence River and asked the natives on the eastern side of the river about the natives who lived on the western side. At the longhouse on Mackinac Island is where an annual ceremony was attended by many regional chiefs and shaman of the Algonquin nations of the Anishinaabeg today called Anishinaabe.

According to the late Joseph Waukechon, another term for the concept of the Algonquin was Wakashunaape as was spoken by his Cree ancestors. Joe Boyd was my grand uncle and he was the son of Alfred Boyd to Joseph was the half-brother of James Louis Boyd to Among the ancestors of the Ojibway, Menominee, Potawatomi, Ottawa, Sauk, Fox, Kickapoo and other regional nations, this term was used loosely to refer to the Algonquins who subsisted on wild rice.

Early French pioneers and explorers referred to the island inhabitants as Les Folles Avoine wild rice people during the early s. Chawanon had a buffalo clan village was located 55 miles due northeast of Minikani. The series of epidemics was arising because of the inadvertent conveying of these epidemics by immigrants and this started ravaging native populations. This left the northeastern central pre-Wisconsin region somewhat open for the habitation of the remaining survivors and for new arrivals to it from other native nations and from European settlers to reside upon the land.

Sometime in the late s Chawanon moved his clan village from Noc Baye in Escanaba and later on just before he moved his village encampment to the west bank of the Fox River in Le Baye Green Bay in Michigan territory that later became Wisconsin. It is widely said among Menominees today that he was years old when he died but based on genealogical research he was actually Jean Nicolet, landing at the Bay of Green Bay a mural by Franz Rohrbeck, At the Red Banks landing, Jean Nicolet de Belbourne, presuming that he had arrived in China, had adorned himself with a gold-laced clothing material called damask China that was bedecked with flowers and birds of variegated colors.

For roughly about years the HoChunk have ancestrally resided in what is now Wisconsin. Surprisingly, these HoChunk ancestors were the main progenitor of the prolific Lakota Nation Sioux from whom the Lakota people have originated. Jean Nicolet de Belbourne orchestrated his arrival in and when he got out of a small water craft on the shoreline, he pulled out two muskets and then fired them off into the air.

Some of these HoChunk and Anishinaabe Sauk and Fox ancestors, thought they were encountering a Thunder being from ancient Algonquin mythology. It seemed to the natives who witnessed the landing that the explorers who accompanied Jean Nicolet de Belbourne were the Thunder beings of Anishinaabe mythology. However, they would soon discover that the explorers were as human as themselves. Surprisingly the invention had only arrived in Europe during the s, which was well over two centuries later, and during that 13th century A.

This native notion of Thunder beings is a parallel idea to the Christian notion of archangels. Ancestrally and most likely for millennia prior, these Thunder beings were thought to require offerings of an ancestral tobacco mixture such as kinnikinnick, which is a mix of various herbs, and to be thankful to the Thunder beings for the bringing of the rains and the replenishing of life and to remain calm and unafraid of it.

Before a thunderstorm when Anishinaabe ancestors put tobacco down as an offering to appease the Thunder beings, then they would remain calm. The bald eagle kineu and smaller birds were servants of these great Thunder beings that were conceived of as Spirit beings that were like gigantic golden spirit eagles. Sometimes it can even grow to immense sizes today such as in the above photograph and no doubt in ancestral times it could grow to even much larger sizes than in the above photograph. An Anishinaabe Deerskin war bundle wrapper portraying a prophetic vision of the events of a great battle in a future.

Before a thunderstorm, Anishinaabe natives would place kinnikinic down on the ground as a form of offering to the Thunder beings to let the lightning pass by them without hurting any one of their loved ones. It was said by native elders that part of the ritual was expressing gratitude to the Creator for another day of life.

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If, however, a person remains calm, their body will tend to give up its negative ions into the atmosphere instead. About 12 miles east of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at Bay Shore Park, there are still remnants located there at the park of the earth fort that was part of an ancestral village made out of limestone bricks on the high cliffs above the bay about one hundred feet above the bay of Lake Michigan shoreline. Above is from pamphlet that is sometimes handed out in regard to Bay Shore Park. In the upper left hand corner is an X mark that is labeled lime kiln.

Made out of limestone bricks, this ancestral stone hut is still partially intact in the side of the cliff and can be seen there and explored freely even to this day. The early pioneers called it "green bay" which is off the shore of the City of Green Bay in what is now in the State of Wisconsin in the United States of America. Four miles east of the Red Banks HoChunk village toward Sturgeon Bay is what is now Bay Shore Park and is what is now called an earth fort, an ancestral native stone hut village of earth lodges that was constructed by the use of limestone bricks.

The earth fort is historically considered an integral part of the Red Banks. Wild rice was the main staple of their diets along with other vegetation and wild game. My presence in the photograph shows the relative size of a man in relation to the lodge. The photo above was taken of only one of the numerous limestone brick huts or earth lodges at the Bay Shore Park that now lay underneath the forest floor.

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About twelve miles east of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at the park there are still remnants located of the earth fort that was part of an ancestral village made out of these limestone bricks on the high cliffs above the bay. With only the remnants of the earth fort lying under the woods, buried under the rock, the rubble and the under-brush at Bay Shore Park near Green Bay, Wisconsin only the remnants are there of a single hut of the earth fort village that vaguely resembled a castle-like structure of other numerous stone huts.

They then had tried to seize power among their fellow Anishinaabe at Minikani the Bear Village, what later became called Marinette-Menominee. In the ensuing interaction of the battle, they had killed the son of the chief and thirty young braves who were there at Minikani which was the higly influential grand native village in the region.

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So after they were eventually run out of Minikani, sometime after their attack, these young braves were forced to flee The Bear Village. He knew that his people, the great ancestral Sauk and the Outagamie would very soon be attacked at the castle-like structures at the Red Banks. When they had arrived at the earth fort they had it completely surrounded and secured sufficiently yet they were severely exhausted and did not especially relish the idea of wiping out their fellow Anishinaabe relatives as they had been ordered to do by the chiefs at Minikani.