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It is still a right path; it is a path of safety; and it will conduct me to bright regions beyond. In that dark and gloomy valley, though I could not guide myself, I will not be alarmed; I will not be afraid of wandering or of being lost; I will not fear any enemies there - for my Shepherd is there to guide me still. The word occurs besides only in the following places, in all of which it is rendered "shadow of death:" Job ; Job ; Job ; Job twice ; Job ; Job ; Job ; Psalm ; Psalm , Psalm ; Jeremiah ; Jeremiah ; Amos The idea is that of death casting his gloomy shadow over that valley - the valley of the dead.

Hence, the word is applicable to any path of gloom or sadness; any scene of trouble or sorrow; any dark and dangerous way. Thus understood, it is applicable not merely to death itself - though it embraces that - but to any or all the dark, the dangerous, and the gloomy paths which we tread in life: to ways of sadness, solitude, and sorrow. All along those paths God will be a safe and certain guide. I will fear no evil - Dark, cheerless, dismal as it seems, I will dread nothing. The true friend of God has nothing to fear in that dark valley.

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His great Shepherd will accompany him there, and can lead him safely through, however dark it may appear. The true believer has nothing to fear in the most gloomy scenes of life; he has nothing to fear in the valley of death; he has nothing to fear in the grave; he has nothing to fear in the world beyond.

For thou art with me - Thou wilt be with me.

True Believers

Though invisible, thou wilt attend me. I shall not go alone; I shall not be alone. The psalmist felt assured that if God was with him he had nothing to dread there. God would be his companion, his comforter, his protector, his guide. How applicable is this to death! The dying man seems to go into the dark valley alone. His friends accompany him as far as they can, and then they must give him the parting hand. They cheer him with their voice until he becomes deaf to all sounds; they cheer him with their looks until his eye becomes dim, and he can see no more; they cheer him with the fond embrace until he becomes insensible to every expression of earthly affection, and then he seems to be alone.

But the dying believer is not alone. His Saviour God is with him in that valley, and will never leave him.

Upon His arm he can lean, and by His presence he will be comforted, until he emerges from the gloom into the bright world beyond. All that is needful to dissipate the terrors of the valley of death is to be able to say, "Thou art with me. The image is that of a shepherd in attendance on his flock, with a staff on which he leans with one hand; in the other hand the "crook" or rod which was the symbol of his office.

Either of these also might be used to guard the flock, or to drive off the enemies of the flock. The "crook" is said see Rosenmuller, in loc. It is often bent or hooked at one end, which gave rise to the shepherd's crook in the hand of the Christian bishop. With this staff he rules and guides the flock to their green pastures, and defends them from their enemies. With it also he corrects them when disobedient, and brings them back when wandering. They comfort me - The sight of them consoles me. They show that the Shepherd is there.

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As significant of his presence and his office, they impart confidence, showing that he will not leave me alone, and that he will defend me. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary 4. In the darkest and most trying hour God is near. While expressive of any great danger or cause of terror, it does not exclude the greatest of all, to which it is most popularly applied, and which its terms suggest.

By them he guides his sheep. This is almost one of those books I find hard to discuss because it was so well done.

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There are so many issues discussed and explored in this book, from living with diabetes to racial and political injustices from WW2 to the present. While the entire book hints and gives you clues and little pieces, it was entirely unpredictable. This time in history is something that interests me a lot, but one that I find difficult to learn more about due to bias.

Politically, this period of time either loved or hated, and I felt like Hollander was sort of in the middle about it, which is what made it so great for me. This was well written, thrilling, exciting, detailed, interesting, and unpredictable. Jun 11, Offbalance rated it did not like it. I can't even with this book. Here I am, someone who really would love to write a few things myself, but worry that I shouldn't, as I don't have full enough knowledge of these topics. A few notes to you, sir: 1. The film version of Grease was released in Not sure how the theme to Dr.

No could be played years before the film's release, but okay. Maybe I just have known more people who happen to have diabetes. Maybe Kurt here has never seen Steel Magnolias in any form. Even the tiniest bit of research would have demonstrated that going through a pregnancy with serious diabetes is a big deal, and I doubt sincerely that the MC could have just gone about her busy law-clerk schedule with ease when she had to carry around sugar tablets and run for soda in case her sugar crashed. Not to mention all of the smaller details about the 60s, and modern teenagers that were just completely off base MC's granddaughter playing a My Little Pony game on a game boy in a nightgown at 17?

Sure, Jan. Not to mention the plot that the MC hatches with her weirdo friends to "elicit change" in the s is the stuff of Austin Powers, not James Bond. Seriously you guys? Unfortunately, such missteps were all too common in this overlong, dull as dishwater muddle with bargain-basement Tom Clancy aspirations. Every "twist" was laughable, the characters two-dimensional, and the backstory interminable.

View all 6 comments. Sep 25, Mal Warwick rated it really liked it Shelves: trade-fiction. Who knows? As a reader, you and I find ourselves caring about Karen Hollander because a she is a ferociously bright and witty person with a winsome personality, b she is a distinguished leader in the legal profession who is now dean of a major law school and only recently removed her name from consideration for appointment to the US Supreme Court, and c Kurt Andersen is one hell of a writer.

As it turns out, what happened was as big as it gets, and it illuminates the truth of those fateful times about as well as any book, fiction or non, has ever done before. Kudos to Kurt Andersen for True Believers!

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Sep 19, Viccy rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-fiction. To classify this as crime fiction does it any injustice. While crimes take place, it is their impact 40 years later that create the tension in the book. Karen Hollander is writing her memoirs. She has led an exemplary life, except for one small incident. White's "The once and future king", might does not make right. The four of them demonstrate and join in the March on Washington in It is now Karen went to law school; married; joined a white-shoe firm on Wall Street; clerked for a Supreme Court justice and was under consideration for a seat on the Supreme Court herself.

However, she took herself out of the running because she knew her past could not undergo the glare of an FBI investigation. As the story unfolds, we see youthful idealism fade to be replaced by cynicism and fatalism. This harrowing fall and its juxtaposition to Karen's grand-daughter's idealism forms the core of this book. If you lived through the Summer of Love and remember your emotions during the March on Washington, read this book.

You will remember a more innocent and hopeful America. Apr 28, Ashley FL rated it it was ok Shelves: giveaways. I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher.

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Based on the back copy, I was expecting a legal thriller and it took me a while to adjust to the book: it is most definitely not a legal thriller, but more of the main character's reminiscences and self-analysis of her experiences in the turbulent late s. It is meandering and there is a lot of navel-gazing. I think if I had been prepared for that going in, I would have enjoyed the book more.

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It is long, and I spent many many pages waiting for the "legal thriller" to kick in! The one nod to legal thriller is that the main character continually alludes to something terrible that she and her friends had done while in college. I think this was supposed to add suspense, but as a literary devices go, this particular one really annoys me. Out with it, already!