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Each H 2 has a bond length of 1. Exciton band structure tight binding. Exciton energies as a function of linear momentum index k e and angular momentum index q e EAM for a site chain of seven-arm molecules. The solid blue curves are a guide to the eye. Change of excitonic angular momentum on a chain TB.

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Colors represent the phase of the quantum amplitudes which have been linearly interpolated. Changing the EAM of a chain. Evolution of TX wave packet. Time slices for total exciton population of each molecule on site chain. Blue-filled curve shows original packet on periodic ring of sites, while a red-filled red curve is generated by a twisted laser pulse at the left end of a finite chain.

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Phase maps for TX wave packet. The thick black lines are from the theoretical predictions of Eqs. The points are connected as a guide to the eye. The resulting TX packet is shown in Fig. TX transport in the site, three-arm H 2 system. Isosurface visualization of exciton transport with electron component green and hole component red densities of 0.

Angular momentum transport with twisted exciton wave packets Xiaoning Zang and Mark T.

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Lusk Phys. B 96 , — Published 3 October Abstract A chain of cofacial molecules with C N or C N h symmetry supports excitonic states with a screwlike structure. Research Areas. It goes on and on, round and round, and nothing is ever settled. Where should the first new routes go, downtown or in the suburbs?

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Should the vehicles travel underground or on the surface? Plans have been drawn up, approved and announced, only to be torn up and replaced with something different by the latest bright light who thinks he knows better. Hundreds of millions of dollars of public money has disappeared down the drain. Other, better-run global cities have leapt ahead, building integrated modern systems that leave Toronto in the dust. Two brothers named Ford share much of the blame for the most recent chaos. Ford One, Mayor Rob, blew up a carefully designed, comprehensive transit plan on his first day in office.

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He persuaded a craven Ontario government to toss out a proposed network of light-rail lines and substitute a plan to tunnel one line far into the suburbs along Eglinton Avenue. City council eventually overruled that nonsensical project and, after many more detours, Toronto settled on a plan of action. Finish the huge Crosstown light-rail line along Eglinton, with the suburban parts on the surface. Build more light rail where needed.

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Proceed with an approved Bloor-Danforth subway extension deeper into the eastern suburb of Scarborough. Make better use of the regional rail routes through the city. Now along comes Ford Two, Premier Doug, to put another stick in the spokes.

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A new, new transit plan being promoted by his provincial Progressive Conservative government would replace the one extensively debated and then approved by Toronto City Council. Like Ford One, Ford Two hates seeing transit vehicles on tracks above ground. They get in the way of the cars! Running light-rail vehicles underground in a low-density suburb would add hundreds of millions to the cost, which is why Toronto transit planners firmly rejected the notion.

Doug Ford would take a new look at the relief line, too. Future subways for Toronto will cost more than expected, letters from the province indicate. Whatever Mr.